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It is difficult to say this, but there is no way to make your Ionic app really uncrackable. Once you have completed your app and pass it on to the public, if a hacker, would like to know how your app works, he/she, given time, would be able to crack open your code someway or another. This, perhaps, is the weakness of not only hybrid mobile apps, but any mobile apps in general.

It is akin to passing a tinkerer a cuckoo clock that you have just built. …

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Actual. Human. Readable. Comments. Whether you are writing codes in PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C, C#, Rust, Python and many other multitudes of computer language, many seemed to have forgotten (or leave out completely) the art of commenting on your code.

Code Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Atom and VS Code has already provided a way to quickly format your codes nicely with just a few simple clicks or keyboard shortcuts.

The absence of comments by the people who wrote the codes in the first place would complicate the codes and in some cases, makes the code almost impossible…

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If you are familiar with building an app, you like to reuse certain parts of code over and over again. Sometimes, you’ve built some list and would need to use it over and over again in different parts of your Ionic app.

For example on the homepage, you want to show a list of names in a certain manner, and later on you want to show the same styled list of names on another page.

The solution here is to use a component. It looks nicer and you can reuse it in several places within the app.

In this article…

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A lot of people would not recognise the names Adleman, Shamir and Rivest, but if I flip these names and put them together by their acronyms, Rivest, Shamir and Adleman- RSA, a lot of computer scientist and amateur encryption enthusiasts would light up and most likely know the enormity of this name, or the multi-billion dollar brand, or however, you like to look at it.

In this case, I would like to focus more on the RSA encryption technology instead of talking about the namesake multi-billion dollar company that was sprouted by the three in 1982.

RSA is a patented…

What I wanted to achieve here is to develop a simple web scraping service to assist me in scraping certain information on a website.

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If you are proficient in Javascript, the easiest framework to use for web scraping is called Puppeteer

What Puppeteer does is it creates a typical Chromium browser and would then be able to browse through the website. It would then look at all the properties within the website, and ‘scrapes’ whatever information that you may want to use and find.

For example, if you are looking for a ‘name’ section, it would be logical for…

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In a typical app user interface(UI), fonts play a key role in providing a sense of what the app is trying to convey. It is, after all, the key identity of the app and how the app directly expresses a message to its users. It can invoke a sense of playfulness, it can also invoke a sense of roughness, and even a sense of serious and meticulousness.

Most UI designers spent countless hours in just font selection alone to find a font that perfectly encapsulates the environment and mood with which it needs to invoke.

With that in mind, seeing…

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The Aftermath

Nissan was once a giant in the Japanese automotive industry. It fell into a slump in the 1990’s and then it had recovered earlier this millennium followed by over a decade worth of period of success. The giant was back from its slump.

But it is now in another one of its downward spirals…

At the time of writing this piece, Nissan is expected to file a net loss of up to USD$6 billion for the fiscal year of 2020. This is the company’s biggest ever operating loss. EVER. Period. …

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I am sure that you have come across a situation where a user presses a button in your web app and you want the app to scroll to a particular section in your app. The animation looks great, but how do you achieve this effect?

Since Ionic Angular was built with HTML and TypeScript, this effect can be achieved by borrowing a similar concept from HTML and regular JavaScript.

For this particular project, I will be building the Ionic application using the following versions: Ionic CLI version 6.11.8, Ionic version 5.

Step 1

Set your target on a page with ID. In…

From your Ionic app, you want your users to directly open a particular location inside either Google Maps App or the Waze App so that they can navigate directly to the said location.

It seems like a daunting task on how to link and it seems, at first, you need quite a deep understanding on how to link apps using deep linking. I can assure you that this is not the case and its surprisingly, a really easy task with Ionic. Read on to find out how.

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The Ionic versions that I am using here are:

  • Ionic version 5
  • Ionic…

I’ve looked everywhere for a guide on how to do this and could not find one on how to exactly get this done. So I guess I’ll just write about it.

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I have to be honest. This task seems to look easy but it was quite a while for me to understand how to do it. From an Ionic development perspective, the tricky part here is to figure out the Captcha part, which took me awhile to figure out but I eventually did.

Firebase Phone Authentication was just very recently made available in my country, so I’m quite excited about this. In this article, I will integrate the Firebase Phone Authentication with an Ionic Angular Progressive Web App (PWA).

This is a simple step by step guide on how to create…


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